Saturday, June 30, 2012

She does it agaiN

Bonang Matheba takes the trophy as the best dressed female at the recent Gauteng Sports Awards in a pink GJC creation...


Your majesty;The QueeN

Bonang Matheba looking stunning and on point at the Yfm party...

Queeeeeen Bee's Craz'e World

For the love of fashion...

RanDoM MeN

Dear God

To our heavenly father the create of menkind .We pray to you in the name of fashion,our judgmental society and men.We hope and have faith that one day in South Africa men will be able to walk on the streets in heels or maybe wedges like Somizi (recently did on the SAMA awards) and they won't be called gay but respected for the fashion risk that they took.In the name Of JESUS CHRIST...we all say amen

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lets colour this fashion bitch craz`e

Brights,Neons,Fur and all that crazy,lovely ,stylish stuff that makes our coral-lipsticked lips curve in a beautiful smile. These are the things that interest us and these are also the things that make fashion so fascinating and wonderfully enticing.Even the the fashion followers (referred to as stylish people in fashion jargon) are enticing. Not only are stylish people the happiest looking people,they are also the most interesting to watch.They are the most opiniated.Their sense of humour is refreshing and thier eye for detail is applaudable.These people are different,a breath of fresh air in a world full of confirmists and sheep.They are crazy and come across as bitchy,yes bitchy(a very harsh word if you ask me),to the average person.Let us not forget that the average person shys away from neon leather pants,looks at crocodile skin handbags with distaste and laughs out loud at the mention of sequined jackets.I say stylistas and the rest of the fashion should be hailed for thier bravery,ferocious attitude and zest for looking good. ALL HAIL THE CRAZ`E BITCH THAT IS  FASHION!!

Avant Apparel

We first saw their creations on ELLE magazine.Then recently we saw an editorial done with their creations on TRUE LOVE magazine.Wow!it was breathtaking the designs are fierce and futuristic with a pinch of class and sophistication...